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Cancer Stem Cell

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It has always puzzled me why some people are cured (at least temporarily) of cancer through various treatmnets, with no remission for extended periods of time, while a few others succumb to the disease despite medical intervention.  This could be why.

A growing body of evidence indicates that only certain cancer cells are capable of generating and maintaining a tumor. Dubbed cancer stem cells, they can divide indefinitely to perpetuate the cancer over time. They may also be the reason why some therapies fail to wipe out a cancer entirely: cancer stem cells seem to be particularly resistant to standard cancer treatments and can remain behind like the roots of a weed.

Identifying the root is half the battle won.

A team of researchers at Harvard Medical School has now developed a new way to find drugs that selectively kill cancer stem cells or prevent them from dividing.


Written by Elgie Shepard

October 9, 2008 at 4:40 am

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