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Article reproduced verbatim from here.   This is for my personal record of news that interest me and I do not claim ownership of any of the matter reproduced.

UA inventor Joseph Kennedy receives 100th patent Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Akron, OH — World-renowned scientist, researcher and inventor Dr. Joseph Kennedy, distinguished professor of polymer science and chemistry at The University of Akron, recently received his 100th U.S. patent — no small accomplishment in the world of innovation. In fact, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says an achievement of this magnitude is extremely rare. Kenneth Preston, UA’s associate vice president of research and director of technology transfer, notes that many of the world’s finest inventors have no more than 10 patents to their names. Kennedy’s work has indirectly saved millions of lives. His invention of the polystyrene-polyisobutylene-polystyrene block copolymer and thermoplastic elastomer is the basis of a biocompatible polymer coating on Boston Scientific’s TAXUS® drug-eluting cardiovascular stent, which has been implanted in about 5 million patients worldwide. While the stent does its work to open clogged coronary arteries, Kennedy’s polymer coating time-releases drugs and replaces the bare metal stent of bygone days with one more compatible with human tissue. Kennedy’s 100th patent is U.S. Patent 7,388,065, “Process for Preparing Siloxane Compounds,” which involves an improved method for producing high-performance silicone rubbers. Such polymers could be used in range of applications, including industrial, household and medical products


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