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Alien Earth

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Like a shirtsleeve tearing under a bulging bicep, the earth’s crust rips apart as molten rock from deep down pushes up on the solid surface and stretches it thin—sometimes to its breaking point. Each new slit widens as lava fills the gap from below.

An absolutely fascinating first-hand account of how Africa is bursting in its seams, so to speak, and paving the way for the birth of a new ocean in a few million years (i.e. if humans have not annihilated the earth with their foolishness, by then).  Eitan Haddock’s description and pictures of the Afar Depression in Ethiopia are chilling to the bone and weirdly captivating.  How exciting to explore places such as this, where you never know when a geyser would shoot up under you, or when the seemingly innocuous vent spurs out toxic fumes leaving you scurrying for the gas mask.  Wouldn’t this be a perfect setting for a scifi movie featuring alien land?   Only it is right here, on our very own planet.


Written by Elgie Shepard

September 30, 2008 at 4:45 pm